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1. Method Of Studying

1.1. VERBAL Learners

1.1.1. Use Flash Cards to identify Main Points

1.1.2. Write and Recite Keys!

1.1.3. Rewrite Things from Memory

1.2. VISUAL Learners

1.2.1. Flash Cards with Pictures, Charts, and even Diagrams

1.2.2. Use different colors of highlight for different Points

1.2.3. Redraw Things from Memory

1.3. AUDITORY Learners

1.3.1. Join Study Group and Discuss further topics

1.3.2. While studying, Read it out Loud and Make Speeches

1.3.3. When Learning something New, state or explain the information in your own Words

1.4. ACTION Learners

1.4.1. While studying, Walk back and forth as you read it out loud

1.4.2. Go to off-campus Areas such as Museum for additional information

2. Effective Way To Read

2.1. Read the topic

2.2. Remember and read the main plot points only

2.3. SQ3R

2.3.1. Survey Scan the Text and identify its Structure

2.3.2. Question Ask yourself about each section

2.3.3. Read Read the Passage

2.3.4. Recite Read the text out loud

2.3.5. Review Review by looking back your predictions

3. Time To Study

3.1. Map of long-term goals

3.2. Study calendar

3.3. Plan ahead and prioritizing tasks

3.4. Break big tasks into smaller parts

3.5. Playtime /study break refreshment