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Semiotics by Mind Map: Semiotics

1. Roland barthes

1.1. He thinks that Signifier is a denotation and connotation

1.1.1. Denotation Intelligence, Teacher, Scientis

1.1.2. GLASSES

1.1.3. Connotation Glass, Sight, Eyes

2. Charles Pierce

2.1. Denotation

2.1.1. The literal meaning of the sign

2.2. Sign Categories

2.2.1. ICON Resembles what it represents - Imitates the signified

2.2.2. SYMBOL The connection between the signifier and the signified must be culturally learned

2.2.3. INDEX Shows evidence for the existence it refers to

2.3. Connotation

2.3.1. • The suggested meaning of the sign

3. Thomas A. Sebeok

3.1. Associated with the development of semiotics and communication theory

3.1.1. Sign Something that stands for something other than itself. The thing one intends to convey especially by language The thing that is conveyed especially by language The logical connotation of a word or phrase

4. Ferdinand de Saussure

4.1. The founder of semiotics, he called Semiology to the Semiotics

4.1.1. SIGN The object/thing

4.1.2. SIGNIFIER Sound, image, word

4.1.3. SIGNIFIED Fruit, Apple, Healthy