7th grade science (1)

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7th grade science (1) by Mind Map: 7th grade science (1)

1. unit 1

1.1. Module 0

1.1.1. section 1 the scientific method observations questions hypothesis prediction test the predition Quantitative observations Qualitative observations Publish / Peer Review Iterative process

1.1.2. section 2 claim evidence reasoning

1.1.3. section 4 DRY MIX LENSES Label and list Equation Notice Speculate Explain/Evaluate summary

1.1.4. section 5 Lab safety standards Hair in a lab Clothing in a lab Footwear in a lab protective glasses colors of health hazard symbols MSDS pipetting

1.2. module 1

1.2.1. lesson 1 atoms matter energy kinetic energy potential energy thermal energy temperature kelvin scale thermometer elements Periodic Table of Elements atoms substances compounds

1.2.2. lesson 2 Jacques charles volume temperature law thermal contraction thermal expansion systems heating pressure phase change freezing melting condensation vaporization boiling vs evaporation

1.2.3. lesson 3 Robert Boyle pressure and number of particles Pressure and Volume - Boyles Law Types of relationships Pressure / Volume relationship Pressure / Number of particles relationship Pressure / Temperature relationship