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7/2 by Mind Map: 7/2

1. hair accessory

1.1. Hitomi, Arisa

1.1.1. Pens use like barrette Natsu can write anywhere don't need pencase

2. NUFS teacher

2.1. Risa

2.1.1. met in Toyohashi station he have stick walk on the yellowline Aichi Uni teacher can see before

3. moisture

3.1. Bob, Risa

3.1.1. natural permanent don't like

3.1.2. want to change hair style Bob straight permant

3.1.3. like today's Risa hair style

4. Natsu

4.1. day before yesterday

4.1.1. rainy day left her umbrella at school

5. Class party

5.1. tomorrow

5.1.1. as Gomi's birthday 14 people don't go will enjoy