Sales Process Implementation

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Sales Process Implementation by Mind Map: Sales Process Implementation

1. Target definition

1.1. Product definition

1.1.1. Ideal customer profile definition Lead generation & prospecting Leads databases Leads research & prospecting Referrals Look alike people research

2. Offline sales

2.1. Lead generation

2.2. Presentation materials

2.2.1. Company presentation

2.2.2. Product presentation

2.2.3. Case study

2.3. Multi-channel set-up

2.3.1. Handover to online

2.4. Reporting

3. Outbound Sales

3.1. Proprietary leads database creation

3.1.1. Database enrichment

3.2. Engagement (Multi Channel)

3.2.1. Nurturing Relationship Development Selling

3.2.2. Email sequences Definition Database creation Campaign start Campaign monitoring Campaign report (weekly)

3.3. Tools implementation

3.3.1. Task automation LemList IFTTT

3.3.2. Task tracking LemList Google Sheets

3.3.3. Reporting Google Sheets

3.3.4. Data enrichment DropContact LinkedIN

4. Work in progress

5. CRM Integration

5.1. CRM Selection

5.2. CRM Configuration

5.3. Data population

5.4. Sales pipeline definition

5.5. Reports set-up

5.6. Training

5.6.1. Team training Sales concepts – establishing the base information of the sales process Identifying the needs and opportunities Characteristics and advantages Correct sales sequences -or the Blind Archer Syndrome Treating the objections of the clients Concepts and techniques of “Closing the deals” Listening and interrogations techniques Effective listening Interrogation techniques OPEN Model Sell with Style Prospect/Clients typology Negotiate to WIN Levels of negotiation Force reports in negotiation Negotiation results Tactics and countertactics in negotiation Success / Success strategies Be the BEST – how to sell with competition breathing on your back

5.6.2. Handbook

6. Done/Executing

7. TO DO

8. Non Operational

9. Semi-operational

10. Inbound sales

10.1. Website development

10.1.1. Website optimisation Traffic generation Lead capturing Lead manget implementation Product landing page

10.1.2. Analytics implementation KPI Definition KPI Tracking & Reporting

11. Product definition & Unique positioning

11.1. Product definiton as a framework/system that delivers a given result

11.1.1. Framework definition

11.1.2. Outcome definition

11.1.3. Packaging

11.2. Intro offer definition

11.2.1. Value definition

11.2.2. Packaging & sales script

12. Target definition

12.1. Ideal Customer Profile

12.1.1. Messaging & marketing approach Assets generation Sales script generation

12.2. Lead databases to find the ICP