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Projects toward a free and thriving world by Mind Map: Projects toward a  free and thriving world
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Projects toward a free and thriving world

yellow indicates specific projects we are connected with. purple indicates our direct projects.

Global Resolutions

Cybernated governance

Critical Path Institute see the link for Daniel's Planetary Operating System outline. i attempted to consolidate some of the main components here.

Assessment - inventories and metrics

Vetting and organizing data

Interconnected systems analysis and forecasting

Dynamic critical path

Transitional strategies

Transforming business

new governance models

multistakeholder values

performance optimization

synergy, open innovation, crowd sourcing

transparency and accountability

Engagement strategies to raise awareness and invite participation



branding and marketing

community outreach

media and publicity

social activism

Collaborative technologies within a social network (built on Nooron)

profiles - customization and control of online identity/expression

personal information management

task/project management

communication tools

groups and events


game dynamics


Virtual economies - Resource sharing, time banks, point systems, alternative currencies

Conscious marketplace - relevant metrics and user review

Effective free online and offline personal transformation and trauma healing programs

Local self facilitated support groups

Scientific approach to facilitating global memetic evolution

this is Daniel's main interest/focus. link is not Daniel's work.

Education reform and innovation

Intentional community development



resource management, production, and distribution

Collective intelligence for local and global solutions and decision making

Jerome Glenn Millennium Project Robert Steele EarthGame 1.0 3.3-1EIN_flyer_019


Netention is SEMANTIC GROUPWARE that automatically organizes a community of peoples' realities. It can then interlink them with automatically discovered opportunities that are mutually inter-satisfying - essentially suggesting to its participants how they could realize the desired futures they have described. Netention is a tool for describing one's current reality (“is”), and potential future realities (“should be”) – as linked data objects. A semantic description of a life (human, animal, plant, or otherwise) can be considered to consist of a set of data declarations representing aspects about which one is concerned or interested.  Now we can link the current and desired states of the real and imaginary concepts in our minds - including people, environments, objects, processes, knowledge, or time. Netention realizes one’s goals based on their desires and translates them into tangible outcomes in one’s own growable network. It can be used to organize a community, a business, a family, or a government in similar ways because it is designed to consider how the mind expresses thought (especially language) at a neural level. Netention aims to solve, in general, all resource management and planning issues that occur among communities of participants.  A complete system could conceivably eliminate the balkanization of various separate online services that presently serve relatively narrow subsets of the more general problem.

Changing policy

Transforming money

alternative currencies

virtual currencies

time banks


Unified Field Bank

new paradigm investment