Nutrient Traffic Light /Food Scoring

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Nutrient Traffic Light /Food Scoring by Mind Map: Nutrient Traffic Light /Food Scoring

1. Traffic Light

1.1. Release 1

1.1.1. Proteins

1.1.2. Fats Unhealthy Fats Healthy Fats Omega 3

1.1.3. Carbs

1.1.4. Sugar

1.1.5. Vitamins

1.1.6. Fiber

1.1.7. Glycemic Index

1.1.8. Ultra Processed NOVA 3, 4 ONLY HFCS

1.1.9. FODMAP

1.1.10. Vitamin Vitamin A Vitamin B Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin E Vitamin K

1.1.11. Gut Health Positive

1.1.12. Calories

1.1.13. Minerals Potassium Sodium Chromium

1.1.14. Sensitivity Histamine Lactose Intolerances

1.2. Release 2

1.2.1. Gut Healthy

1.3. Display Logic

1.3.1. Multiple diseases what is dispalyed

1.3.2. What is the order of display for diseases

2. Food Scoring

2.1. Score Releases

2.1.1. Tufts Score (old)

2.1.2. AMILI 1 Food Score New data GI chromium fodmap histamine New Scoring Methodology ( AMILI 1 / Score) Score

2.2. Creation of a Scoring Calculator

2.2.1. Vary Categorisation value range addition of new item

2.2.2. Create a food scoring calculator that enables comparative analysis ie change the weightage for vegetables and fruit add a new item e.g. FODMAP and generate score for 30 foods (juices, fresh vege, fruits, popular foods (10), biscuits, cheese etc.)