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My Brother's Keeper by Mind Map: My Brother's Keeper

1. Jamie

1.1. Jamie is 5 years younger than his brother, Ted.

1.1.1. Jamie is tired of always fixing things for his brother Runs to his younger brother, wanting him to fix his mistakes. Jamie may be upset for having to always patch things over for Ted, as Ted is the older brother (who is rich and famous).

1.2. Parents are dead

1.2.1. Curses, extremely mature Doesnt lie in court

1.3. Jamie is more responsible than his older brother.

1.3.1. he may be easily frightened 18 years old Jamie is thoughtful and concerned. He is sympathetic.

2. Themes

2.1. Topic

2.1.1. Evidence Theme Statement money = power

2.2. Topic

2.2.1. Evidence Theme Statement Tell the truth, even when it's hard

2.3. Topic

2.3.1. Evidence Theme Statement When it comes to life, it is best to learn on your own so your can learn to take up for your own faults.

2.4. Topic

2.4.1. Evidence Theme Statement Relying on someone won't last long, learn to start taking your own fault.

3. Ted

3.1. Ted is five years older than his brother, Jamie.

3.1.1. menacing figure Ted is still coming to age. He is very immature

3.2. Ted is a football player, yet he is gentle when he is off of the field.

3.2.1. Ted is tall and big, yet he is gentle looking. possible sportsball player, rich, famous 23 years old Ted has curly blond hair

3.3. scared of getting punished

3.3.1. Parents are dead he is very cowardly parents lost in accident

3.3.2. Takes his Carrer very seriously

3.4. He is a Millionaire

3.4.1. Therfore, He Could do the right thing but he doesnt want to ruin his self image He would be forgiven for doing the right the right thing, but he doesnt want to ruin his image