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Google Search Engine by Mind Map: Google Search Engine

1. what you looking for

1.1. result set is sorted by authority and page Ranked and duplicate page are remove

1.2. show the result related to your search

1.3. google estimate the domain and page authority based on link

1.4. link are check against the editorial policies

1.4.1. google search quality team and Webspam team review and refine aglorithem

1.4.2. remoter rate the quality of their searches

1.4.3. google solicit spam report from user.

1.4.4. DMCA notify to take down pirated work.

1.5. initial result set is created.

1.5.1. google may claim million of result but it will display only 1000 or less

1.6. google use synonyms to look for similar word to include in search query.

1.7. suggest keywords based on what you have been type this far.

1.8. user queries google

1.9. penalties are applied and each page has many pieces of data attached to it that help users.

1.10. result set is sorted by authority and pageRanked and duplicate page are removed

1.10.1. google find relevant ads based on keywords, ads matches the type and user location.

1.10.2. ads subjected to editor policies.

1.10.3. relevant ads are order based on their earning potential

1.10.4. sometime dynamic key content is used to appear on relevant result. some ads also extension available, like site link,phone number, product links etc

1.10.5. if ads generate high enough clickthrough rate, some may be show above search results.

1.10.6. rest go the right rail where they are display.

1.11. Filters Applied

1.11.1. excessive anchor text manipulation can cause websites to be removed from result.

1.11.2. local interconnectivity of a result set:If pages are well linked among other high ranking sites,then their ranking is boosted.

1.11.3. With universal search, if Google thinks news results, shopping results, video results, book results, local results, or any other form of vertical search are relevant then they may mix these directly into the search results.

1.11.4. Trending:If the search term have huge burst in search volume or lots recent news result. Google might place additional weighting on fresh results.

2. all this done in seconds and 300 million times a day

3. It work in 3 stages

3.1. Crawling

3.2. indexing

3.3. Serving search result

4. instantly match your search

5. keeping your safe on search

6. improve your experience

7. world largest library