1.5Developments of Afirca-Andrew & Jerry 9Fe

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1.5Developments of Afirca-Andrew & Jerry 9Fe by Mind Map: 1.5Developments of Afirca-Andrew & Jerry 9Fe

1. Economic systems

1.1. trading systems

1.1.1. Indian Ocean Trade Eastern Africa civilizations trade with India and China

1.1.2. Trans-saharan trade Ghana rulers sold gold and ivory to Muslim traders in exchange for salt.

2. Technology and Innovation

2.1. Archaeology was used to construct religious buildings and city walls

3. social intereaction

3.1. Conflicts between countries happened became of the increase in populations.

3.2. Trade networks between India and other civilizations in Africa

4. Politics and Goverment

4.1. Community used kin-based goverments.

4.2. Slavery has taken place around Afirca

5. Interactions between Humans and the Environment

5.1. Used Indian ocean to trade, and trade depended on the moonsoon wind

5.2. Some of the civilizations are in desert areas and some are in tropical rain forests.

5.2.1. Found gold, salts, cooper...

6. Cultural Developments and Interactions

6.1. Spread of Islam added to diversity of religions.

6.2. Gender works

6.2.1. Men dominated most of the skills in the society.

6.2.2. Women engaged in agriculture and food gathering.

6.3. Music, arts and stories.