Phase 1 - Recognition of the course-Management Game

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Phase 1 - Recognition of the course-Management Game by Mind Map: Phase 1 - Recognition of the course-Management Game

1. unit two

1.1. Benchmarking as a competitive strategy for MSMEs (Microenterprises).

1.1.1. Benchmarking is a standard by which something can be measured or judged.

1.1.2. Benchmarking is the continuous process of measuring products, services, and practices against tougher competitors or those companies recognized as industry leaders

1.1.3. It is a process: Since it consists of an activity that takes place and develops

1.1.4. It is a continuous process: It is not an eventual activity

1.1.5. It is a systematic process: a series of logical and sequential steps for its execution.

1.1.6. Its main purpose is to measure and compare processes in relation to direct and indirect competition.

1.1.7. Its application seeks to generate learning of how to operate, act in the organization

1.2. Analysis of the Joint Venture Contract and its financing mechanisms

1.3. The Balanced Scorecard as an efficiency tool in Business Management

1.3.1. Managing implies administrating and allocating scarce resources efficiently.

1.3.2. las estrategias suelen ser innovadoras, su déficit radica en la implementación y la evaluación de resultados

2. unit one

2.1. We find value mechanisms, value and financing strategies

2.1.1. - Finance Strategy - capital budget - Financial engineer - Growth and diversification

2.2. Tools for decision making in organizations

2.2.1. Strategic thinking allowing changing mental models of those who make decisions in organizations

2.2.2. Organizations must respond to strategic changes and market challenges

2.3. Repair in organizations that makes a difference

2.3.1. decision making in the organization