Development in the Americas

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Development in the Americas by Mind Map: Development in the Americas

1. Chaco and Mesa Verde

1.1. lived in Southwestern United States

1.2. lived in dry region

1.2.1. developed ways to collect transport and store clean water

1.3. Innovation

1.3.1. Chaco people built large homes using stone and clay

1.3.2. Mesa Verde people built multi-story buildings into sides of cliffs

1.4. declined in 13th century due to drying climate

2. The Aztecs

2.1. Also known as the Mexicas

2.2. Lived in central Mexico

2.3. Tenochtitlan in Mexico City

2.3.1. Almost 200,000 people

2.3.2. In the centre of swampy lake

2.3.3. 150 feet high pyramid in centre

2.3.4. built chinampas to grow food on

2.4. Government

2.4.1. conquered people payed tributes

2.4.2. grouped city states into provinces

2.4.3. theocracy emperor was the great speaker who also represented the gods

2.5. religion

2.5.1. hundreds of deities

2.5.2. believed gods sacrificed themselves in order to create the world

2.5.3. had human sacrafice and blood letting as repayment to gods

2.6. role of women

2.6.1. wove cloth as tribute

2.6.2. most women worked in homes

2.6.3. some worked as scribes

2.7. declined due to spanish conquest

3. Mississippian Culture

3.1. Emerged in 700s to 800s

3.2. Built earthen mounds up to 100 feet high

3.3. Government and society

3.3.1. Strict class structure

3.3.2. chief called great sun ruled each large town

3.3.3. matrilineal society

3.3.4. men hunted and women farmed

3.4. Decline of mississippian civilization

3.4.1. Cahokia abandoned around 1450

3.4.2. other large cities abdoned by 1600

3.4.3. theories for why flooding and extreme weather caused crop failure European diseases decimated the population

4. The Incan

4.1. Pachacuti

4.1.1. "transformer" or "shaker" of the Earth

4.2. Government

4.2.1. mit'a system mandatory public service men between 15 and 50

4.2.2. split into four provinces

4.3. religion

4.3.1. Inca means people of the son

4.3.2. Sun god: Inti

4.3.3. dead rulers were mummified but treated as if still alive rulers cannot inherit wealth ruler's wealth are still their property even after they die

4.4. Achievements

4.4.1. Quipu system for counting

4.4.2. sohphisticated terraces

4.5. declined due to spanish conquest

5. The Mayan City States

5.1. In Southern Mexico and present-day Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala

5.2. Most lived in 40 cities ranging in size from 5000 to 50,000 people

5.3. as much as around 2 million Mayans at its peak

5.4. Mayan Government

5.4.1. city-state system

5.4.2. many wars between city states

5.4.3. fought for tribute and captives

5.4.4. mayan women sometimes also ruled

5.4.5. mayan kings claimed to be a descendent of a god

5.5. Mayan science and religion were linked through astronomy

5.5.1. kept accurate calender