What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

1. What I thought before...

1.1. Basic

1.1.1. Physical Electronics Innovation

1.1.2. Media Self-perpetuating Social media Evolution

2. References

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3. What I think now...

3.1. As stated by the Journal of Technology Management in China, technology is the "means by which we apply our understanding of the natural world to the solution of practical problems" (Li-Hua, R., 2007).

3.1.1. It is a combination of...(Li-Hua, R.,2007) “HARDWARE” (Li-Hua, R.,2007) Buildings (Li-Hua, R.,2007). Plant (Li-Hua, R.,2007) Equipment (Li-Hua, R.,2007) “SOFTWARE”(Li-Hua, R.,2007) Skills (Li-Hua, R., 2007). Knowledge (Li-Hua, R.,2007) Experiences (Li-Hua, R.,2007)

3.2. As mentioned by Kevin Kelly, "Technology is anything useful invented by a mind" (TedTalk, 2010)

3.2.1. Obvious examples Tools (TedTalk, 2010) Primitive Evolved Gadgets i.e. Laptops (TedTalk, 2010)

3.2.2. Less Obvious examples Cities (TedTalk, 2010) A collection of humans in close proximity may collaborate efficiently thereby accelerating the need and process of technological advancement and integration Law (TedTalk, 2010) Regulates rules and set standards by which we operate

3.3. As mentioned by Dr. A. Isman, "Human’s use of technology involves not only machines (e.g., computer hardware) and instruments, but also includes structured relations with other humans, machines, and the environment" (Isman, 2012, 208)

3.4. Dr. A. Isman defines technology as... (Isman, 2012, 208)

3.4.1. “practical application of knowledge” (Isman, 2012, 208)

3.4.2. “manner of accomplishing a task” (Isman, 2012, 208)

3.4.3. "the specialized aspects of a particular field of endeavor" (Isman, 2012, 208)

4. How has my idea of technology changed...

4.1. J. Dyer suggests that “technology” is not just the phones in our pockets and the laptops in our bags" (Dyer, J., 2009).

4.1.1. J. Dyer went further to suggest that "when we use these pieces of hardware we are taking part in something much bigger than ourselves, something that affects us individually and socially" (Dyer, J., 2009). (God’s most precious creation) (Dyer, J., 2009) Phenomenon with origins worth exploring Humanity Kevin Kelly phylosophically suggested that humanity is "our greatest invention" (Tedtalk) Kumar suggested that technology was nuanced (Kumar et al., 1999) Physical Informational

4.2. Kevin Kelly suggested technology has "Roots that originate in the cosmos" (TedTalk)

4.2.1. Started with the "Big Bang" (TedTalk) Became a "Self-organizing thread" (TedTalk) Lead to the formation of...

5. Why we need technology...

5.1. Practical/Social integration

5.1.1. J. Dyer defines technology as... (J. Dyer, 2009) Manufacturing (J. Dyer, 2009) "Technology as manufacturing includes not just about the vat holding the molten steel for our next car or the robot putting together our next computer, but also the entire process (or “sociotechnical system,” as the philosophers say) from the people running the machines to the electrical grid powering the plant to the legislation passed that regulates the industry" (J. Dyer, 2009) Hardware (J. Dyer, 2009) “technology” could be a clock, a shovel, a laptop, a belt, a thermometer, a can of root beer, a canteen, a tank, or a fake duck decoy" (J, Dyer, 2009). Methodology (J. Dyer, 2009) "Methodological thinking trickles into our lives every time we say, “Let’s try to standardize that” whether it be a recipe, a Bible study, or a parenting method" (J. Dyer, 2009) Social usage (J. Dyer, 2009) "The simultaneous actions of 45 people forming an orchestra are also a kind of technology that binds together instruments, people, and music (again, there is an overlap with art and technology)" (J. Dyer, 2009)

5.2. Support Life

5.2.1. As stated in the reading material on Slate, "Does it include one of the greatest technological advances of all time, fire?" (Slate, 2022) Food technology Kevin Kelly referred to advent of cooking food over a campfire as an "external stomach" (TedTalk, 2010)

5.2.2. Measureable The manners in which technology is measured in terms of evolutionary progress... "Complexity, diversity, specialization, mutualism, ubiquity, sentience, evolvability, exotropy" (TedTalk, 2010).