Semi formal- letter or email

Tips Formal and semi Formal Letter

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Semi formal- letter or email by Mind Map: Semi formal- letter or email

1. Conclusion

1.1. Tips

1.1.1. Give a personal opinion to finish the letter/email

1.1.2. Be professional, respectful and clear

1.1.3. Write what you’d like the reader to take after reading your letter

1.2. Useful expresions

1.2.1. l would like to know what you are going to do about this situation (in a complaint letter)

1.2.2. I look forward to receiving a full refund (in a complaint letter)

1.2.3. I look forward to hearing from you soon /I look forward to rece/ving your reply.

1.2.4. I Would like to thank you in advance for this information (in a enquiry letter -/requesting information)

1.2.5. If you require/ should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me/feel free to contact me.

2. Body of writing

2.1. Opening

2.1.1. Tips State the reason for writing DO say where you find the information State the reason you are writing at the beginning of the email/letter

2.1.2. Useful expresions In reply for your letter of 8 May I have seen the advertisment for the post/ vacancy/ job of... advertised in the local newspaper on 16 June. I am writing with regard to...

2.2. Main content

2.2.1. Tips State your reason for writing Expand on what you mentioned in the first paragraph Ask about the person you are writing to Make some concluding remarks Invite the person to write back

2.2.2. Useful expresions Asking Politely Could you tell me...? I would be grateful if you could... . I would be interested in having more details about.... I would like to know if/when/when/... I would like information on Do you know if... Complaining would like to complain about + noun or -ing not what I expected/was expecting I am not satisfied with... . I would be grateful if my money was refunded/

3. Closing

3.1. Useful language

3.1.1. Best whishes

3.1.2. Sincerely

3.1.3. Regards

4. Salutation or greeting

4.1. If you know the name, you use "Dear Mr./Mrs + surname"

4.2. If you don't know the namme, use "Dear madam/sir".

5. Email/Letter order

5.1. Salutation or greeting

5.2. Body

5.2.1. Opening

5.2.2. Main content

5.3. Conclusion

5.4. Closing