Ghana Project

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Ghana Project by Mind Map: Ghana Project

1. Individual Ideas

1.1. Avery's

1.1.1. website hub with small business and our different focus (environment, labor, etc) pros: easy to use for people in USA, clear navigation, room for growth and to add more businesses to the roster. con: will people in Ghana have access to this? Do small businesses there have a social media presence that we will be able to get to?

1.1.2. global mamas

1.2. the environmental impact of big business. how does big business take resources that smaller businesses need? how do smaller places gain their resources?

1.2.1. pros:

1.3. cons: Is this too big of a topic? How are we going to get input about different types of businesses all across the country? Is it possible to hear back from businesses?

1.4. Jasmine's

1.4.1. spotlight on how small businesses in Ghanaian villages have impacted their local economies Pros: Would not only advertise these businesses, but also places an importance on buying from small businesses to support local economies. Directly works with the responsible consumption and production SDG. Also indirectly ties in with the reduced inequality and decent work SDGs. Cons: Would be a little difficult to research local businesses since they might be specific to small villages and may not have an online presence.

1.4.2. job availability/ decent work: creating a website to help people in need of work find jobs suited to them in Ghana Pros: Directly impacts the decent work SDG. Highlights the low job availiability and unemployment issues in Ghana. Cons: Would be difficult to research specific jobs to add to the website. Implies that people looking for jobs would have access to internet. There might be more official and readily available websites that have the same information.

1.5. Logan's

1.5.1. challenges in the formation of small businesses in Ghana Pros: Potentially highlights structural factors in Ghana that make entrepreneurship inaccessible to parts of the population. Cons: Multifaceted issue, could be influenced by too many factors to adequately explain, especially without context.

1.5.2. what small business owners (or aspiring ones) are actually looking for, both within their communities and abroad Pros: Avoids potentially "deciding what's best," emphasizes communication directly with those the issue effects Cons: Less likely to be publicly available info, esp in English, potentially requires more primary sources

2. weekly meeting schedule

2.1. Possible monday, wednesday or friday meeting

2.2. early afternoon

2.3. Phase

3. group symbols

3.1. Nkyinkyim: "twistings"; initiative, dynamism, versatility

4. Overview

4.1. Key People

4.1.1. mentor: grad student Castro

4.1.2. Dr. Doone

4.2. waiting for a response from mentor!

4.2.1. need to follow up on whatsapp

5. Objectives

5.1. to help grow small businesses in Ghana

5.2. to learn about how the impact of big business affects smaller local owned places

6. SDG goals

6.1. Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

6.1.1. How do these small businesses differ in environmental impact from their corporate counterparts? Is the practice of production more sustainable when attuned to the needs of the community it takes place in?

6.2. Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

6.2.1. By trying to spotlight small businesses, we are focusing on how these businesses get support and buyers. How do big businesses take away from their profits and materials? In general, how does this industry contribute/ take away from fair work.