Teaching English for specific purpose

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Teaching English for specific purpose by Mind Map: Teaching English for specific purpose

1. language teaching-learning process

1.1. methodology

1.1.1. materials

1.1.2. skills

1.1.3. planned

1.1.4. Evaluation

1.2. integration

1.3. strategies

1.4. approaches

2. English as a Second Language

2.1. students

2.1.1. level

2.1.2. exposed

2.1.3. Conditions

2.2. profile

2.3. teachers


3.1. teacher designs

3.1.1. reinforces what is taught and increases their motivation

3.2. methodological uniformity

3.2.1. The students should become aware of the importance of language learning strategies and get trained to use them appropriately

3.3. communication skills

3.3.1. language skills; listening, reading, speaking, and writing

3.4. conditions of learning

3.4.1. skills for communication and mediation create the classroom atmosphere

3.5. learning contexts

3.5.1. Knowledge of the subject area enables the students to identify a real context for the vocabulary and structures

3.6. cooperative work

3.6.1. develop students’ communicative competence