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Growth by Mind Map: Growth

1. Marketing

1.1. Content Marketing

1.1.1. Blog Topics Client Success Stories Salesforce Release Highlights Vantage Point News Industry Trends, Point of View Salesforce Best Practices Integrations AppExchange & Slack App Highlights Use Cases Publish to Website Use in Social Use in a Newsletter (Email) Use Ad Hoc

2. Partnerships

2.1. Ideas from Barbie

2.1.1. Get "Why Work With a Partner?" Resource from Barbie

2.1.2. RVP Intro Calls w/ Teams (Nem)

2.1.3. Volunteer Sponsorship w/ Teams (Ali Childers)

2.1.4. A lot of deal cloud competes

2.1.5. Enablement for AEs based on what is top of mind for them/what are they having a hard time selling?

2.1.6. Support Demo Efforts

2.2. Marketing

2.3. Closed Lost Opportunities

2.3.1. Pull List, and Prioritize

2.3.2. Outreach to Salesforce AEs who we worked on the deals with, or Outreach to Client directly

3. Leads

3.1. Salesforce Referrals

3.1.1. Outreach to AEs

3.1.2. Outreach to RVPs

3.1.3. Coordinate with Partner Sales - Nem & Barbie

3.1.4. Look at Top List of AEs who Referral & Whom we Also do business with

3.1.5. AE Relationship Mgmt Quip Calendar Access Slack Touchpoints Account List Reviews

4. Awareness

4.1. Social Posting

4.2. AppExchange Profile & Project Surveys

4.3. Client Success Stories

5. Sales

5.1. Clients

5.1.1. Retainer Need an outreach process (Meet with a Salesforce Expert) Discovery Enablement if we want to involve anyone else outside of DC Incentive

5.1.2. Active Projects Intake of Need from Delivery to Sales Incentive Enablement on Identifying Need

5.2. Prospects

5.2.1. Active Pipeline

5.2.2. Closed Lost Opps Top-Down Review and Outreach

6. Services

6.1. Salesforce Health Check

6.2. Quick Starts



6.3. On-Demand Salesforce Consulting


6.4. Managed Services



6.5. Retainer

7. Competitors




8. Priority List

8.1. 1 - Introduction Calls with Salesforce RVP Teams (Mid-Market)

8.1.1. Talk to Nem, and then RVPs, and ask what is top of mind for them? Current challenges.

8.1.2. Prepare deck

8.1.3. Conduct Calls

8.2. 2 - Retainer Clients

8.2.1. Prepare Email Template, and in that extend available times on calendar for them to schedule meetings

8.2.2. Comments across Retainers for review w/ Todd and then with Doug

8.2.3. Send the emails

8.2.4. Small follow-up cadence

8.3. Marketing

8.3.1. Success Story Blog Posts & Send Out via Social First Federal Savings & Loan eFinancial Cornerstone First Mortgage

8.3.2. QuickStarts (SB) Push out via Website and Social

8.3.3. AppExchange Profile Clean Up Copy Add Links to Content on Site (2 Featured, and Up to 15) Turn "Who We Are" into Video, then Capture Leads with the Video Publish

8.3.4. Surveys Review during pipe call LATER-LATER - Enance the CSAT to let the record go to approval and then to Susan (do this in conjunction with workflow for project close out)

8.4. Existing Clients

8.4.1. Train Delivery Team to Identify Need - Talk to Gustav and Todd on this

8.4.2. Put Incentive In Place