Geologic Record

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Geologic Record by Mind Map: Geologic Record

1. Hadean

1.1. No l ife on earth

1.2. Chemical evolution

2. Archaean

2.1. 1st Prokaryote

2.2. Photosynthesis

3. Proterozoic

3.1. Era:Precambrian

3.1.1. 1st Eukaryotes

3.1.2. 1st multicellular organisms

3.2. Period: Ediacaran

3.2.1. 1st Algae, fungi, sea Sponges/ Mollusks, Cnidarians (simple soft bodied invertebrates

4. Phanerozoic

4.1. Paleozoic

4.1.1. Cambrian 1st Echoniderms, Mollusks, corals, ectoprocts, Brachiopods, 1st trilobites

4.1.2. Ordovician 1st jawless fish, 1st land plants, extinction

4.1.3. Silurian 1st fish with teeth/jaws, 1st land invertebrates, 1st vascular plants

4.1.4. Devonian 1st lobe-finned fish, 1st insects and tetrapods, 1st amphibians, Mass extinction

4.1.5. Carboniferous amphibians dominate, 1st reptiles, 1st seed plants (gymnosperms)

4.1.6. Permian Reptiles, Diversity, Mass extinction

4.2. Mesozoic

4.2.1. Triassic 1st dinosaurs, 1st Mammals, Mass Extinction

4.2.2. Jurassic 1st birds, 1st flowering plants, Gymnosperms dominate

4.2.3. Cretaceous 1st Primates, dinosaurs dominate, Mass Extinction

4.3. Cenozoic

4.3.1. Paleogene Radiation of mammals and birds

4.3.2. Neogene 1st Hominids

4.3.3. Quaternary Ice age (Large mammal extinction), Homo sapiens, The Covid 19 Pandemic