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Solar by Mind Map: Solar

1. Web site

1.1. Auth

1.1.1. Sign In Username (e-mail) Password Remamber me Reset password Send verification code (email)

1.1.2. Sign Up Username (e-mail) Password

1.2. Authorized

1.2.1. Maintenance sign contract online subscribtion order history billing history

1.3. Homepage

1.3.1. slider

1.3.2. faq

1.3.3. contact feedback form contact information map

1.3.4. some articles

1.4. Homeowner

1.4.1. order request fileds email firstname lastname notes type (select) images time range (am,pm) payment paypal stripe status new paid on-going done canceled

1.5. Request quote

1.6. Business

1.6.1. same order but for business

1.7. Look order status with code (some hash id generated, uniq link)

2. Admin panel

2.1. Sign-in

2.1.1. email

2.1.2. password

2.1.3. Remamber me

2.2. Authorized

2.2.1. Dashboard Orders

2.2.2. Profile First name Last name Phone Email Change password Role Admin Master

2.2.3. Orders board new on-progress done Item assign master Grid with filters and search type date range status

2.2.4. Clients crud Grid with filters and search type billing history

2.2.5. Users (admin users management) Crud Send temporary password Grid with filters and search

2.2.6. Content types id title Dictionary Manage notification texts Manage email templates Manage application words

2.2.7. Sms service

2.2.8. Settings order count per day

2.2.9. Logout