What is Technology

What is technology

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What is Technology by Mind Map: What is Technology

1. Any practical application of knowledge that solves a problem or makes a task easier (Computer Fraud and Security, 2001)

2. Can be simple does not have to be complex.

2.1. Laundry soap

2.2. Clothes pins

2.3. Door locks

2.4. Furniture

2.5. Highway

3. Why do we need technology

3.1. To produce food

3.2. For convenience

3.3. For safety

3.4. For entertainment

4. Alarms

5. Initial Definition of Technology

5.1. The use of complex scientific information to develop devices, equipment or services that makes a tasks easier to accomplish.

5.2. Travel

5.2.1. Aeroplane

5.2.2. Electric Car

5.2.3. Space Suttle

5.3. Device

5.3.1. Smart Phone

5.3.2. Laptop

5.4. Communication

5.4.1. Social Media Facebook Whatsapp Instagram Twitter

5.4.2. Video Call

5.4.3. Electronic Mail

5.5. Artificial Intelligence

5.5.1. Maps and Navigation

5.5.2. Face Recognition System

5.5.3. Electronic Payments

6. What I Think Technology is Now

7. Locks

8. Pesticide, fertilizer

9. A combination of equipment, skills and knowledge to create things that fulfil simple or complex human needs and wants or that perform specific functions (Richard, 2007)

10. Provides the information and tools needed to function in this evolving world (Brown, 2010)

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12. Used in everyday life on a daily basis

13. To provide more cost effective essential services (Banta, 2009)

14. Video games, theme park