Everybody's random ideas

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Everybody's random ideas by Mind Map: Everybody's random ideas

1. Documentation

2. Autonomous

2.1. Pure pursuit

3. CV/Localization

4. Misc ideas

4.1. It would be cool if we got a cnc machine

4.2. Have everybody make pairs - each pair will act as a single "person" (tasks are assigned to pair, not individual)

5. Intake

5.1. Claw

5.2. Wheels

6. Outtake

6.1. Lift system?

6.1.1. Slides

6.1.2. Double 4 bar

6.2. Add turret base?

6.2.1. Also possible to have "turret" be servo at top of slides like strike zone frc 2019

7. Drivetrain

7.1. Dead axle

7.2. Custom panels + motors pushed through inner panel

7.3. Integrate hubs into chassis

7.4. Add custom bottom plate

8. Feel free to add any design/system/team management ideas here - you can also add a new topic if it doesn't exist yet

8.1. If you want to draw/explain an idea in more detail, you can draw it in the jamboard and link it here https://jamboard.google.com/d/1Ph-ugNiGx_KmVwxsMlC6JwNWfGUAF4PhyWntI_aKYOg