Strict Parenting Style

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Strict Parenting Style by Mind Map: Strict Parenting Style

1. Child Development

1.1. self esteem

1.2. social problems

1.3. psychosocial problems

1.4. behavioural and emotional problems

2. 5W Questions

2.1. WHO

2.1.1. Child

2.1.2. Young adults

2.2. WHAT Aspect

2.2.1. Child Development Self esteem social problems psychosocial problems behavioural and emotional problems

2.2.2. Academic Performance

2.2.3. Mental Health

2.3. WHICH Approach

2.3.1. Problem-Solution Policy Reform Psychosocial Family Education

2.4. WHEN

2.4.1. Today

2.4.2. 10 years ago

2.5. WHERE

2.5.1. Asia

2.5.2. Hong Kong

2.5.3. China

3. Academic Performance

4. Mental Health

5. Three prompts

5.1. Topic: What you are writing about

5.1.1. I am studying the topic of ... Strict Parenting Style / Authoritarian Parenting

5.2. Indirect question: What you don't know about your topic

5.2.1. because I want to find out/ identify (what/why/ how/ if)... 1. the problem of strict parenting relating to behaviour problems in children and suggest some solutions to combat this issue. 2. how this parenting style might harm the child development in Hong Kong and suggest some solutions to combat this issue

5.3. Significance: Why you want your reader to know and care about it

5.3.1. in order to help my reader understand... 1. to increase community awareness of parenting 2. to help parents rethink alternative ways to raise the children in balance.

6. Similar Keywords (Synonyms)

6.1. Authoritarian-type parents

6.2. Harsh parenting

6.3. Tiger parenting

6.4. Helicopter parent

6.5. Monster parents

7. Parenting Style

7.1. Baumrind’s parenting typology

7.1.1. Authoritarian

7.1.2. Authoritative

7.1.3. Permissive

7.1.4. Uninvolved/neglectful

8. Parental Influence

9. Parenting Practice