Work To Do List

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Work To Do List by Mind Map: Work To Do List

1. Housekeeping

1.1. Tidy Outlook Emails & Tasks

1.2. Tidy Desk

1.3. Tidy Laptop files

1.4. Archive & Delete old files

2. Selection Services

2.1. Internal

2.1.1. Huntingdon House Chase ADSL contact Discuss EFM cancellation with Mark Pottage

2.1.2. MarComms VoiceSuite campaign Capabilities document Email Messaging slides and swim lanes to Amanda Email swim lanes illustrator file to Justin Review website content

2.2. Customers

2.2.1. ECA Speak to Alaric re Public DSL

2.2.2. CAF Raise home worker contracts Bradley O'Hara Rob Telfer Incorrect novations Home Worker Routers - Discount options

2.2.3. OPA Process contract Write solution plan

2.2.4. CRA Email Emma SLA

2.2.5. London Clock Design Confirm to Mark Pottage line was ceased

2.2.6. Prestige Nursing Great Dunmow Solution Plan Rooksbridge Solution Plan

2.2.7. Crown Group Call Neil to define IP Transit

2.3. Cease services at Foresters House

3. Technical Vetting

4. Direct

4.1. Elektron

4.1.1. LAN Switch quote

4.1.2. Server quote

4.2. AIFS

4.2.1. Call Maik Oblong to discuss VPN

4.2.2. Call Ernest to discus Redstor

4.2.3. DSL Contract

4.3. Prospero

4.3.1. Chase up rob, following email

5. Purchase Direct

5.1. Customers

5.1.1. Ford Retail Email quotation for SDSL to SF Discuss requirement for Brunel FOrd with SF

5.1.2. Perrys Email report to David Blowers

5.1.3. Rygor Raise contract for porting

6. Select Technology

6.1. Call Nick Potter to discuss EFM