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CRM by Mind Map: CRM

1. WHAT?

1.1. Widely implemented software system foro managing companies' relationships with customers and sales prospects

1.2. It organizes, automates and synchronizes business processes

2. Reports

2.1. Calls: to see biggest clients in the database

2.2. E-mail adresses: shows all the adresses in the database

2.3. Tasks: Reports about the handling process > clear image of what has been done alrady and what has to be done.

2.4. Projects: overview with all needed inormation as dates,...

3. Source


4. Benefits

4.1. Functuonality: reduces costs & time

4.2. Increases profitability

5. USE

5.1. Sales departement

5.2. Marketing departement

6. Relevance

6.1. Easy to use

6.2. Standardized platform for all companies which are using the software

6.3. Impoves efficiency

6.4. Information is gathered and grouped