Six Antitheses

DSE ERS - RS - Sermon on the Mount - Six Antitheses

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Six Antitheses by Mind Map: Six Antitheses

1. Background

1.1. Jesus came to make their teachings come true

1.1.1. He come to reflect the Spirit of Moses' Laws (God's will)

1.1.2. Not to do away with them (Contradict with the Laws)

1.2. His Teachings are Different from the Pharisees

1.2.1. People should NOT follow their ways of Observing the Laws

2. Contradiction or not

2.1. Enrich

2.1.1. Jesus Enrich the Meaning of the Law Teaching about Anger Not only "Do not commit Murder" Do not even accumulate anger that led to murder

2.2. Correct

2.2.1. Jesus reflect/correct the spirit of Laws Teaching about Vows Emphasizes on the Importance on respect(simply telling the truth) Not just not to break any vows people made

2.3. Different Target Audience

2.3.1. Jesus' target audience is different from that in OT Teaching about Revenge Jewish Law: Those who inflicted Jesus: Those who recieved harm

3. Anger

3.1. "Do not Commit Murder" (6)

3.2. Do not be Angry with Other People

3.2.1. Wanted to avoid anything leading to Murder

3.2.2. But not accumulate resentment, plotting to revenge

3.3. All Relationships

4. Revenge (An eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth)

4.1. "An eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth" (Jewish Law)

4.1.1. Intended to give punishment Fit For the Crime so as to Control the Spread of Hatred

4.2. People should NOT take Revenge

4.2.1. Encourage people to Get Along with those who wrong them

4.2.2. There will be no Hatred and Revenge

4.2.3. Importance of Keeping Grace

4.3. People who bully you

4.3.1. Jesus Targeted those who Receive harm

4.3.2. Rather than those who Inflicted harm

5. Love for Enemies

5.1. "Love your Neighbour and Hate your Enemy"

5.1.1. Hate non-Jews

5.2. People should Love their Enemies

5.2.1. God loves Everyone in the world

5.2.2. Chosen people take Active Role in Loving their Enemies

5.2.3. Breaks Vicious cycle of Revenge/Hatred

6. Adultery

6.1. "Do not Commit Adultery" (7)

6.2. Men should have Proper Thoughts and Behaviours towards Women

6.2.1. Extended the Law, Lust will lead to Adultery eventually

6.2.2. Emphasizes importance of Control over Sexual Desires and Resisting Temptations

6.2.3. "Looking at a women lustfully is considered adultery"

6.3. Females

7. Divorce

7.1. Divorce Notice

7.1.1. Protect Women

7.2. Divorce is NOT Allowed (except for martial unfaithfulness)

7.2.1. Divorce makes women commits adultery with her next husband

7.2.2. Sanctity of Marriage

7.3. Couples/Men

8. Oaths

8.1. "Do not Break your Oath"

8.1.1. Vows were voluntary

8.1.2. But if one makes a vow, he MUST fulfill it

8.2. People should Tell the Truth and put their words into Practice Faithfully

8.2.1. Shows Respect of others and himself

8.2.2. Builds human relationship based on Mutual Trust

8.3. Friends