Discourse and Identity

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Discourse and Identity by Mind Map: Discourse and Identity

1. Social Identity

1.1. Professional Expertise

1.2. Ethnic Identity

1.3. Gender Identity

1.3.1. Key characteristics part of the routine, ongoing work of everyday, mundane ‘the product of social practice’ involves all levels of language and discourse, aspects of nonverbal and other kinds of behaviors the result of the way ppl. talk and what they do (constantly changing)

1.3.2. Manifestation in language almost always indirect in our language, mediated by sth else at multiple levels language gender (socially constructed) vs. sexuality (intimate desire) inseparable constructed and performed through discourse making statements about each other

2. Manifestation

2.1. casual conversation

2.2. written academic discourse

3. Features

3.1. changing identities

3.2. multiple identities at the same time

3.3. constantly constructed and re-constructed as people interact

3.4. not natural, constructed