The teaching of speaking

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The teaching of speaking by Mind Map: The teaching of speaking

1. Teaching talk as interaction

1.1. Important aspects of talk as interaction

1.1.1. • Difficult skill to teach

1.1.2. • Very complex and subtle

1.1.3. • Give feedback

1.1.4. • Provide examples

2. • Many of the teaching strategies used to make understandings of written text accessible can be applied to the formal uses of spoken language

3. Teaching talk as transaction

3.1. Important aspects of talk as transaction

3.1.1. • More easily planned

3.1.2. Uses: • Group activities • Information-gap activities • Talk for sharing and obtaining information • Role plays • Real-world transaction

4. Teaching talk as performance

4.1. Strategy needed for teaching talk as performance

4.1.1. • Initially needs to be prepared for and scaffolded in much the same way as written text

4.1.2. • Involves providing examples of models of speeches, oral presentations, stories, etc. through video or audio recordings or written examples

5. • These are then analyzed, or “deconstructed”, to understand how such texts work and what their linguistic and other organizational features are