Absynth Synthesizer 411

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Absynth Synthesizer 411 by Mind Map: Absynth Synthesizer 411

1. Can be used as a stand-alone FX Processor

1.1. Absynth FX

2. Architecture

2.1. Signal Path

2.1.1. 3 paths (Semi-Modular below OSC) OSC Synthesis Types Module Filters Waveshaper Freq Shift & Ring Mod Module

2.1.2. Drain to a Master FX Path Module Effects Pipe Multicomb Mutlitap Echoes Resonators Aetherizer

2.2. 68-stage Envelopes

2.2.1. Almost every parameter can be modulated by an envelope

2.2.2. Breakpoints can be modulated with MIDI CC or Performance Control Time Amp Can type in values for break points. Good for accurate and super long envelopes (like in minutes)

2.2.3. Individual LFOs on each envelope segment

2.3. Performance

2.3.1. 16 Performance paramaters Sliders X/Y MIDI CC

2.3.2. Lag param to delay and scale effect of controller

2.4. Has Surround Sound Capabilities

2.4.1. Note: Can't see more than 2 outputs in Ableton Live

3. Will Run as stand-alone synth

3.1. "...you can open a Window in the main ABSYNTH 5 interface in a new pop-up window (and run on seperate monitors) ... hold [Ctrl] (Windows Vista/XP) or [Cmd] (Mac) depressed while clicking on one of the tabs in tup Window instead."