Project Management Process

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Project Management Process by Mind Map: Project Management Process

1. Executing

1.1. Integration

1.1.1. 4.3 Direct and Manage Project Work Deliverables Work Performance Data

1.1.2. 4.4 Manage Project Knowledge

1.2. Quality

1.2.1. 8.2 Manage Quality

1.3. Resource

1.3.1. 9.3 Acquire Resources inputs PMP project documents EEF OPA tools & techniques decision making interpersonal and team skills pre-assignment virtual teams outputs physical resource assignment project team assignments resource calendars change requests PMP update project documents update EEF update OPA update

1.3.2. 9.4 Develop Team High team performance using open and effective communication creating team-building opportunities developing trust among team members managing conflicts in a constructive manner encouraging collaborative problem solving encouraging collaborative decision making Objective improving the knowledge and skills of team members to increase their ability to complete project deliverables, while lowering costs, reducing schedules, and improving quality improving feelings of trust and agreement among team members to raise morale, lower conflict, and increate teamwork creating dynamic, cohesive, and collaborative team culture empowering the team to participate in decision making and take ownership of the provided solutions to improve team productivity for more effective and efficient results Tuckman ladder model forming storming norming performing adjourning inputs PMP project documents tools & techniques colocation virtual teams communication technology interpersonal and team skills recognitions & rewards training individual & team assignments meetings outputs team performance assessments change requests PMP updates project documents updates EEF updates OPA updates

1.3.3. 9.5 Manage Team inputs PMP project documents WPR team performance assignments EEF OPA tools & techniques interpersonal & team skills PMIS outputs change requests PMP updates project documents updates EEF updates

1.4. Communication

1.4.1. 10.2 Manage Communications

1.5. Risk

1.5.1. 11.6 Implement Risk Responses

1.6. Procurement

1.6.1. 12.2 Conduct Procurement

1.7. StakeHolders

1.7.1. 13.3 Manage Stakeholders Engagement

2. Monitoring & Controlling

2.1. Integration

2.1.1. 4.5 Monitor and Control Project Work

2.1.2. 4.6 Perform Integrated Change Control

2.2. Scope

2.2.1. 5.5 Validate Scope

2.2.2. 5.6 Control Scope

2.3. Schedule

2.3.1. 6.6 Control Schedule

2.4. Cost

2.4.1. 7.4 Control Costs

2.5. Quality

2.5.1. 8.3 Control Quality

2.6. Resource

2.6.1. 9.6 Control Resources control resources is concerned with monitoring resource expenditures identifying and dealing with resource shortage/surplus in a timely manner ensuring that resources are used and released according to the plan and project needs informing appropriate stakeholders if any issues arise with relevant resources influencing the factors that can create resources utilization change managing the actual change as they occur inputs PMP project documents WPD agreements OPA tools & techniques data analysis problem solving interpersonal & team skills PMIS outputs WPI change requests PMP updates project documents updates

2.7. Communication

2.7.1. 10.3 Monitor Communication

2.8. Risk

2.8.1. 11.7 Monitor Risks

2.9. Procurement

2.9.1. 12.3 Control Procurements

2.10. Stakeholder

2.10.1. 13.4 Monitor Stakeholder Engagement

3. END

4. Initiating

4.1. 4.1 Develop Project Charter

4.2. 13.1 Identify Stakeholders

5. Planning

5.1. Integration

5.1.1. 4.2 Develop Project Management Plan

5.2. Scope

5.2.1. 5.1 Plan Scope Management

5.2.2. 5.2 Collect Requirements

5.2.3. 5.3 Define Scope

5.2.4. 5.4 Create WBS Scope baseline

5.3. Schedule

5.3.1. 6.1 Plan Schedule Management

5.3.2. 6.2 Define Activities

5.3.3. 6.3 Sequence Activities

5.3.4. 6.4 Estimate Activity Durations

5.3.5. 6.5 Develop Schedule Schedule baseline

5.4. Cost

5.4.1. 7.1 Plan Cost Management

5.4.2. 7.2 Estimate Cost

5.4.3. 7.3 Determine Budget Cost baseline

5.5. Quality

5.5.1. 8.1 Plan Quality Management

5.6. Resources

5.6.1. 9.1 Plan Resource Management Inputs project charter PMP project documents EEF OPA tools & techniques expert judgement data representation organizational theory meetings outputs resource management plan team charter project documents updates

5.6.2. 9.2 Estimate Resource Activities inputs PMP project documents EEF OPA tools & techniques expert judgment bottom-up estimating analogous estimating parametric estimating data analysis PMIS meetings outputs resource requirements basic of estimates RBS project documents update

5.7. Communication

5.7.1. 10.1 Plan Communication Management

5.8. Risk

5.8.1. 11.1 Plan Risk Management

5.8.2. 11.2 Identify Risks

5.8.3. 11.3 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

5.8.4. 11.4 Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

5.8.5. 11.5 Plan Risk Responses

5.9. Procurement

5.9.1. 12.1 Plan Procurement Management

5.10. StakeHolders

5.10.1. 13.1 Plan StakeHolders Engagement inputs project charter business documents PMP project documents agreements EEF OPA T&T expert judgment data gathering data analysis data representation meetings outputs stakeholder register change requests PMP updates documents updates

6. Closing

6.1. 4.7 Close Project or Phase