GOAL: Post to my 2 blogs once a week through Jan 31st

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GOAL: Post to my 2 blogs once a week through Jan 31st by Mind Map: GOAL: Post to my 2 blogs once a week through Jan 31st

1. Affirmations

1.1. I am motivated to share my ideas

1.2. I am already the expert

1.3. People want to hear from me

1.4. Writing is my time for creativity

1.5. I look forward to posting to my blog

2. Action Steps / Progress Tracking

2.1. Develop topics list by 1/4 6 for each blog

2.2. Schedule time on calendar each week by 1/7

2.3. Posting week of Jan 1st

2.3.1. LTB 1/3

2.4. Posting week of Jan 7th

2.4.1. ARQ 1/8

2.5. Posting week of Jan 14th

2.5.1. LTB 1/14

2.5.2. ARQ 1/15

2.6. Posting week of Jan 21st

2.7. Posting week of Jan 27th

2.8. Journal about the experience on Jan 31st

2.9. Celebrate success on Jan 31st

3. Possible Solutions

3.1. Find a different place to work (energized by new scenery)

3.2. Limit the amount of time for the activity--no more than 90 minutes (pressure prompted)

3.3. Schedule it on my calendar (treat it professionally)

3.4. Look forward to an enjoyable, energizing experience

3.5. Write only about things I know about (no extra research)

3.6. Creative atmosphere (music, candle, tea)

3.7. Get motivated by reading other bloggers

4. Benefits

4.1. Get it off my To Do list

4.2. Articulate and share things I am experiencing

4.3. A way to build my expertise

4.4. A marketing tool

4.5. Allows me to explore my many as of interest

4.6. Something I write about could make a difference to someone else

4.7. Can become the basis for a book

5. Potential Obstacles

5.1. Attention tracks on sparkly bubbles; Squirrel

5.2. Difficult to Decide what to write about

5.3. Fear: I won't get I right, people won't find it interesting

5.4. It's hard for me to take a position, there are so many complexities

5.5. Time to make it interesting with links and photos