The most importand from the course.

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The most importand from the course. by Mind Map: The most importand from the course.

1. Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects Deep Teaching Solutions

1.1. metaphor and analogy to help simplify things

1.2. combat procrastination,

1.3. improve your comprehension and creativity

1.4. the most powerful long-term memory the most powerful long-term memory systems in your brain.

2. Speaking Skills for University Success

2.1. Impromptu and unplanned speech

2.2. learned some basic principles for preparing compelling

2.3. We practice playing with the arrangement of items in some slides

2.4. We also heard some tips for speaking effectively

3. Mindshift: Break through the Obstacles of Learning and Discover your Hidden

3.1. The race car brain and the hiker brain

3.2. Projection of something you would like to learn in a given time

3.3. When you are learning something, the intelligence of emotions plays a very important role in the decisions you make

3.4. Repetition is an equally vital aspect of learning

4. Start Your Lifelong Leraning

4.1. Focusing on your achievements and strengths will help boost your self-confidence.

4.2. conflict doesn’t have to be a sign of a bad working environment or other serious problem

4.3. Our decisions and perspectives are usually affected by our emotions and previous experiences

4.4. Taking the time to solve problems is an important aspect of critical thinking.