Elixar - How to create value and how to find method of application (Factors to consider )

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Elixar - How to create value and how to find method of application (Factors to consider ) by Mind Map: Elixar - How to create value and how to find method of application (Factors to consider )

1. Statistics

1.1. How often does a Vet called for/ what is the regulation for regular cattle feedlots check-ups.

1.2. What are the activities does a vet called for.

1.3. How many Vets present for every cattle field

1.4. How many para-vets or any trained personnel present in cattlefield?

1.5. Current legislations or code of conduct in each of the remote inspections/ the code of conduct accepts remote inspections for compliance?

1.6. Questions

1.6.1. For what goals are the vets called in for mostly

1.6.2. What activities can be done online

1.6.3. Risk

1.6.4. Other

2. Technologies

2.1. Next technology to implement

3. Current situation

3.1. p

3.1.1. Present technologies used Videos, images sent via email for analysis

4. Equipment used by Vets on-farm inspections

4.1. thermometer, steth, Urine test strips, pH strips, Nitrate strips, eyes, nose, samples need to be collected.

5. Challenges to perform a RVI On-line

5.1. Key Vets needed

5.2. Description of the goals - legally can do on-line,

5.3. Assisting personnel well trained

5.4. Technology issues

5.5. Legislatory issues

6. Demands of Usage

6.1. Understanding on-farm biosecurity for AMI

6.2. Understanding common goals

6.3. Fit for slaughter

6.3.1. Work associated with demands Individual animal fit for slaughter

6.4. Feedlots purpose is long

6.4.1. Distant exams

6.4.2. Feeding grains

6.4.3. Animal health at penss

6.4.4. Focus on individual animals while resting

6.4.5. Behaviour

6.4.6. Respiratory rates, animal motions, pee & poo

6.4.7. Environmental, dust conditions, feeding facilities,verman, dogs, feed controlling

6.4.8. Stockmanship

6.4.9. Husbandry

6.4.10. Hearing, smell

6.4.11. Cattle loading and unloading

6.4.12. Animal health at penss

6.5. Potential exotic diseases

6.5.1. History check

6.5.2. Class of animal

6.5.3. Pregnant or not

6.5.4. Individual animal exmaple

7. Legislations

7.1. Challenges in each state/region

7.2. People involved in legislation

7.3. Holding back regulations?

8. Finances

8.1. Charge by fees by appointed Vets, personals, operators, charger for fee service

8.2. Statistics on the finances/charge of elixar per session.

9. Persona

9.1. Appointed meat inspector, mobile butcher,