The evolution of operating system

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The evolution of operating system by Mind Map: The evolution of operating system

1. Time-Sharing

1.1. characteristics of time sharing system

1.1.1. multiplexity

1.1.2. timelines

1.1.3. independece

1.1.4. Interactivity

1.2. key problems in time-sharing system

1.2.1. promt reception

1.2.2. handle it in time

1.3. Introduction of time-sharing system

1.3.1. man-machine interaction

1.3.2. shared post

2. comparasion of characteristics between real-time system and time time-sharing system

3. single-channel batch system

4. A computer system that is not configured with an operating system

4.1. manual operation

4.2. offline input / output

5. real-time system

5.1. Real time system type

5.2. comparasion of charactiristics between real-time system and time-sharing system

6. type of real time-task

6.1. hard real-time tasks and soft real-time tasks

6.2. periodic real-time tasks and aperiodic real-time tasks

7. multi-channel batch system