Declaration of Interdependence

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Declaration of Interdependence by Mind Map: Declaration of Interdependence

1. Contribution to Delhi

1.1. 100% of our LC will have 90% attendance in our Classrooms

1.2. 80% of our students will score at least 70% in their weekly assessments and term assessments.

1.3. Each LC member will have at least 4 student leaders from their Classrooms

1.4. 75% of our students would be at Least 3 strand of SVS on Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading India

1.5. 100% of our Classrooms will not just work for a Change Project but also share it with Non-TFI classrooms

2. Support

2.1. Lesson planning

2.2. Challenge with Care

2.3. Safe space

2.3.1. Confidentiality

2.3.2. Trust

2.3.3. Listen

2.4. Acknowledgement and Feedback

2.5. Communicate often & Check-in regularly

2.6. Set Reasonable Expectations & goals

3. Input Goals

3.1. Proficient

3.1.1. X1 I create a culture of joy, collaboration and high performance.

3.1.2. X2 I communicate content, instructions and purpose in a clear and compelling way.

3.1.3. X3 I felicitate actions that enable stakeholders to meet their outcomes.

3.1.4. X4 I check for progress at key stages and provide feedback

3.1.5. P3 I design a variety of aligned, logically sequenced tasks to meet goals set.

3.1.6. E3 I develop an understanding of the kind of leader i am called to be.

3.1.7. R1 I am conscious of my emotions and how my states kf being are impacting my work.

3.1.8. R3 I am conscious of the connection between outcomes and my leadership.

3.1.9. C2 I create safe spaces to listen to my people and immerse myself in their context.

3.1.10. C3 I reflect on my biases and their impact on my relationship.

3.2. Beginner

3.2.1. C4 I analyze data and research to unpack systematic caused behind inequity and learning gaps.

3.2.2. C5 I influence a collective towards wide and deeper impact.

3.2.3. E1 I develop an evolving vision of transformation that challenges the status quo.

3.2.4. E4 I co-create clear, audacious, holistic goals aligned to the vision.

4. Toasting (Values & Action)

4.1. TAG

4.1.1. Try

4.1.2. Ask

4.1.3. Guess

4.2. Trust

4.2.1. We build a relationship of trust with the parents and school staff through constant and open communication and feedback

4.3. Curiosity and creativity

4.3.1. Fellows will research extensively and try to bring in creative ways of teaching which makes the topic more interesting and engaging for the students.

4.4. Achievement & Recognition

4.4.1. We will build a culture where we will appreciate the students and our co fellows as well for all the efforts they are doing. The acknowledgement of their efforts will help to reflect on achievements and give better understanding of needs and progress. At the same time we incorporate Recognition of all kinds Recognition of efforts, values, needs will be appreciated and acknowledged in our LC and in our Classrooms

4.5. Smart Work

4.5.1. All fellows will collaborate and leverage our LC members, ST and School staff and together will work towards better education for all.