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The characteristic of CLT by Mind Map: The characteristic of CLT

1. educational exercises

1.1. *didactic games with life situations

1.2. *work in pairs, groups

1.3. *discussions, discussion of interesting topics, colloquiums, projects

1.4. *acting out dialogues during dramatization

1.5. *interviews, for example when hiring or "Imagine yourself as a superstar"

1.6. *monologues, for example, describing events, nature, weather, etc

2. assessment

2.1. *formative assessment

2.2. *self-assessment

2.3. *verbal assessment

2.4. *portfolio evaluation, with the help of individual interviews

2.5. *assessment at all stages of training

3. educational exercises for different age categories

3.1. *for elementary school - more game exercises, working in groups, story role-playing games, such as "Buyer and Seller", "Shop", "At the cinema", "At the museum", etc.

3.2. *for secondary school - more project activities, individual tasks, working in pairs, dramatization, discussion of more serious topics, such as "Emotions and feelings", "Problems of teenagers", "How to resolve conflict?"

3.3. *for high school - discussions, seminars, interviews, for example "Job interview", "My future career", "Today's problems", "Ecology", "Modern challenges", etc.

4. Advantages

4.1. *it stimulates cognitive processes

4.2. *the most attention is paid to language practice

4.3. *students - are active participants of learning process

4.4. *learning process is related to life and experience

4.5. *gives an opportunity to communicate with other people without stress, fears etc. (a fear to make a mistake or to communicate with foreigner)

4.6. *improves memory, language skills

5. Disadvantages

5.1. *great roll of teacher`s language level, preparation for the lessons

5.2. *not always effective for introverts

5.3. *insufficient attention to students' mistakes in oral speech

5.4. *an opinion of some teachers, that grammar isn`t important

6. the main components of the CLT

6.1. *the main thing is language practice

6.2. *learning takes place through the use of life situations

6.3. * focus on the individuality of each person

6.4. *learning of new words and phrases takes place by using already acquired knowledge and skills

6.5. *the focus of technology on the using of knowledge in real life

6.6. *interactive learning

7. the role of the teacher

7.1. *a teacher is a listener

7.2. *a teacher is a mentor

7.3. *a teacher is a facilitator

8. the role of the student

8.1. *student is an active participant

8.2. *a student is a speaker

8.3. *a student is a person with individual characteristics