What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?


1.1. Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay https://pixabay.com/photos/computer-cell-phone-watch-1424176/

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2. What i think technology is now

2.1. Image by Sungho Song from Pixabay

2.1.1. Image by Lukas Baumert from Pixabay Ideas that can manifest into either physical technology or some form of concept that helps to solve a problem

2.2. "Human’s use of technology involves not only machines (e.g., computer hardware) and instruments, but also includes structured relations with other humans, machines, and the environment. In short, technology is more than a collection of machines and devices" (Isman, 2012)

2.3. Technology can not be categorized into one concept or tangible thing. It is formation of ideas to solve an issue or that idea can be implemented into something, to help society run more efficiently.

2.3.1. "Technology is not just the phones in our pockets and the laptops in our bags" (Dyer, 2019)

2.4. Society can run more efficiently as technology advances

3. How has technology helped society

3.1. Apple Christmas Commercial 2021

3.2. This apple commercial is an example of how technology has helped society in everyday lives.

4. What i thought technology was before

4.1. Physical Technology

4.1.1. Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

4.1.2. Examples of physical technology are advanced items you can touch. These can include, computers, smartphones, tablets, televisions etc.

5. Electronic devices, Robots and physical hardware.

6. photocredit: www.ghanalive.tv

7. Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

8. As mentioned by Kelvin Kelly (2010) in his talk about technology he says that "Technology is anything useful invented by the human mind" (Kelly, 2010)

9. "Thus, technology is said to routinely increase the productivity of labor in different countries, different eras, and different civilizations."(Isman ,2012)

10. How have my ideas on Technology changed?

10.1. I now view technology as more than a gadget to be held or a machine to help me, but also as an idea that can implement growth in society. This is based on the involvement of organizations and people, who create both physical technology and share practical application towards technology.

10.1.1. "Any practical application of knowledge or manner of completing a task." (Isman, 2012)

11. "Our rules for driving are a kind of social technology imposed on top of the hardware of the car. The simultaneous actions of 45 people forming an orchestra are also a kind of technology that binds together instruments, people, and music." (Dyer, 2019)

11.1. Technology incorporates not only physical hardware like machines, calculators and phones, but also the application of ideas to help the further growth of society.

11.1.1. This is why new technology is important and is constantly changing.