What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

1. References

1.1. 1)Charles tuck tells about what is technology.https://youtu.be/G9CzjdrFgiY

1.2. 2) John Dyer December 27,2009 provided information that technology is mainly in four parts.

1.3. 3)Isman 2012 http://tojet.net/articles/v11i2/11222.pdf

1.4. 4)Kevin Kelly, a ted talker https://youtu.be/GS1xL1qcBa4

2. What it is now

2.1. "It is in basic things like pen that helps to store the information." said by Charles tuck.

2.2. Technology consists of four main things and they are in hardware, manufacturing , methodology and social usage.

2.3. It is used in agriculture to boost up the production and also not compromising with the quality of the vegetable or any thing which is growing on the field.

2.4. According to Isman "It has a more general meaning which includes any “practical application of knowledge” or “manner of accomplishing a task”.""

2.5. Technology is not going to be controlled by humans but humans are going to be controlled by technology.

2.5.1. The advancement in the field of IT fears everyone that one day robots will take over the entire world

2.6. There is a lot more into Technology and "It's something that doesn't work yet." by Kevin Kelly

2.7. According to me technology is something that had made our life much easier but put it at a great risk too.

2.7.1. Technology had given us various thing which are very useful to us like cars for travelling, pen to store information and so it had made our life easier but in opposite weapons are also developed by it which are a great risk for human vegetation.

2.8. Initially I thought that technology was all about the new things coming up or things related to IT but now my thinking has changed about IT as now I believe that every thing is developed due to technology and hence all the things surrounding us is technology.

3. Reasons for Necessity of Technology

3.1. To save our time in various activities

3.2. To make ourselves live longer than others beings.

3.3. Technology has made communication very easy.

3.4. It is only because of technology that we can travel from one place to another.

4. What i thought it was before

4.1. Limited to phone ,laptops and digital watches

4.2. light which prevents the darkness and allow us to work in night as well.

4.3. Rockets sent to space to find out about aliens and any other objects present in space.

4.4. houses to live in a well designed manner and enhance quality of life.