Agile Coffee Talk, 28-Sept, Cotting Lounge

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Agile Coffee Talk, 28-Sept, Cotting Lounge by Mind Map: Agile Coffee Talk, 28-Sept, Cotting Lounge

1. Color teams

1.1. standup sched

1.1.1. Most but not all like it

1.1.2. Tim/Yadav to alternate attendance

1.2. Doing retros?

1.2.1. not really when fragemented

1.2.2. within a project, yes (proj retro)

1.2.3. consider team-oriented (not proj orient) retros

1.2.4. loosing iteration retros

1.3. Frozen 4

1.3.1. People not clear what it is or why it is


1.4.1. not working on same stuff (red)

1.5. bugzilla process

1.5.1. HAS role

1.5.2. Co-facil role Peter had to explain

1.5.3. Bugs should not sit > 1 day unlooked at (P3+)

2. Topics of future discussion/focus?

2.1. Estimation game (Sarah O)

2.2. Report from AppInfo task force

2.3. Not discussed:

2.3.1. ETMM @ Agile?

2.3.2. Physical space

2.3.3. General communication Wiki use?

2.3.4. Agile PM software, projectcards

2.3.5. People-sharing?

2.3.6. Virtual space

2.3.7. Innovation fits?

3. On boarding new people

3.1. barrier to effective work

3.1.1. ordering pens

3.1.2. Documentation (see separate branch)

3.2. Continue orientation meetings, including w/ HAS

3.3. Much resides in head of veterns

4. Logistics

4.1. Attendance just OK (though filled seat @ table)

4.2. WAY too much food/drink

5. Documentation!

5.1. Create App Info task force

5.1.1. PGL thinks you might ask: Sunil Sue B Sarah T Ashwini Jim B Had JavaDoc example (One rep per team?)

5.1.2. consider bi-directional links (app info, wikis)

5.1.3. Be an innovation topic (Sue's idea)

5.1.4. Focus on Connecting the docs we do have Mo' Betta info

5.2. We want to know

5.2.1. Code

5.2.2. Processes

5.2.3. usecases dataflows

5.2.4. when used, cycles

5.2.5. Purpose, use of app, context

5.2.6. Interaction with other apps

5.3. Give HAS AppInfo write access

5.4. Get intern to write an appinfo app

6. X Team

6.1. Standups

6.1.1. 11:30 is tough time for X-team (Kuljit)

6.2. Co-facil

6.2.1. Group was silent on topic

6.3. Notes would be helpful?

6.3.1. Kuljit: Yes

6.3.2. Others: very luke warm response