Disaster management 😎

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Disaster management 😎 by Mind Map: Disaster management 😎

1. Harazd

1.1. Potentially dengerous situation or series of events that has potential to cause disruption or damage life, property and environment.

1.2. Types

1.2.1. Natural 🌀, Tsunami, volcanoes, ⛈️ ⚡

1.2.2. Man made Pollution, dam failure, nuclear radiation

1.2.3. Quasi Natural Smog, Desertification

2. Disaster

2.1. Sudden catastrophic event cause severe damage to life and property

2.2. Types

2.2.1. Natural 1-Geological 2-Hydrological 3-Meteorological 4-Biological

2.2.2. Anthropogenic 1-Technological 2-Industrial 3-Warfare

3. Vulnerability

3.1. Refer to the way a hazard or disaster will affect human life and property

3.2. Types

3.2.1. Physical

3.2.2. Economic

3.2.3. Ecological

3.2.4. Organization

3.2.5. Educational

3.2.6. Cultural

4. Capacity

4.1. Combination of all strength &resources available within a community, society or organisation that can reduce the level of risk or the effect of a disaster

4.2. Types

4.2.1. 1- physical Building / infrastructure Means of communication

4.2.2. Social Social interaction Communication organization

4.2.3. Economic Enterpreneurship Saving / Earning / Employable skilk

4.2.4. Attitudinal Ready to accept change Collective approch