Bumper Weight Plates

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Bumper Weight Plates by Mind Map: Bumper Weight Plates

1. Equipment for Gyms

1.1. Fitter Population

1.1.1. Healthier Individuals Saved healthcare costs

1.2. More Jobs and Businesses

1.3. Demand for gyms

1.3.1. Satisfied consumers

2. Bumper Plate Production

2.1. Rubber Extraction and Processing

2.1.1. Natural Rubber rubber processing leads to latex spills, contamination of groundwater and pesticide runoff Rubber Tree Plantations in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, part of Africa and China Rainforest clear cutting child labour and exploitation of small holder farmers

2.1.2. Synthetic Rubber made out of hydrocarbons (promotes extraction)

2.2. Iron Extraction and Processing

2.2.1. Mining/Extraction usually in open pit mines causes deforestation and ecosystem destruction waste can leach into water, heavy metal contamination affecting human and organism populations Acid Seepage Creates mining jobs

2.2.2. Processing Very energy-intensive Requires coke (a form of coal) Causes air pollution Creates manufacturing jobs

2.3. Factory Production

2.3.1. Job Opportunities

2.3.2. Need to be shipped overseas

2.3.3. Pollution Release of toxic chemicals into water supply

2.3.4. Electricity use Burning of Coal (manufactured in China)


3.1. Global Warming

4. Air Pollution

4.1. Increased risk of lung disease, heart cancer, and birth defects