Highlands Coffee

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Highlands Coffee by Mind Map: Highlands Coffee

1. Constrains of the system and the system being constrained

1.1. The selling price of products is the same in all Highlands stores

1.2. The store's design and staff uniforms must all be consistent accross all branches

2. Goals and Functions of System

2.1. Goals

2.1.1. Working together to grow and expand the brand globally

2.2. Functions

2.2.1. Providing customers with delicious food and drinksm as well as a relaxing enviroment in which to chat, study and work

3. Enviroment and System

3.1. Space

3.1.1. Crowded areas, large urban centers, and commercial districts

3.2. Time

3.2.1. From its inception in 1998 to the present

4. Elements of system

4.1. Staff and Customers, Unique formula

5. Sub-system and system hierachy

5.1. Highland's Founder and branch locations

6. The connection between elements and dominance of the system

6.1. The owner has complete control over all of the stores

6.2. All factors interact to generate profits for the system