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Spam by Mind Map: Spam

1. Economic Benefits

2. Pork

2.1. In 1950s Workers are given fair wages for light work that allowed “Most Hormel workers own their homes and have cars, refrigerators, well-dressed, well-fed, well-educated children.” (+)

2.1.1. In 1980s Hormel recruited non-union (and often illegal) labor willing to work for lower pay and endure faster line speeds after an acrimonious 13-month strike. (-) Large part of the economy in South Korea (as gifts), Hawaii, and Guam. (+) Allowed Americans with lower incomes to have a cheaper source of meat. (+) 70% of workers at factory farms, suffer from acute bronchitis from breathing nitrogen-heavy air and that emissions from these facilities (-)

2.2. Helped American GIs and Allied troops win WW2 through donations. (+)

2.2.1. Helped provide Hawaii with food after fishing restrictions, so it actually helped the environment. (+)

2.3. Spam's pork comes primarily from pork shoulder, and the remaining 10% of the meat deriving from the buttock and thigh of the pig. (+)

2.3.1. A processed meat, eating it is associated with a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, COPD, high blood pressure and certain types of cancer. (-)

2.4. Giant hog confinement barns were built, where sows are artificially inseminated, fed antibiotics, and held in gestation and farrowing crates. (-)

2.4.1. Hog manure are processed and sold to corn growers as fertilizer has pushed the nitrate levels of the Raccoon River to such dangerously high levels (-)

3. Environmental Impacts

4. Health Problems

5. Sodium Nitrate

5.1. Only ingredient considered to be an "additive". It is used as a preservation agent. (-)

5.1.1. However, it is also associated with a number of negative health effects such as: stomach cancer, thyroid cancer, and brain tumor formation. (-)

5.1.2. Reduces the consumer's risk of suffering from illness from this canned meat product. (+)

6. Salt

6.1. Spam is very high in sodium, packing nearly one-third of the recommended daily amount into a single serving. (-)

6.1.1. Regularly eating fat and sodium at such levels can lead to health ills from heart disease to kidney failure. (-)