What Is Technology?

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What Is Technology? by Mind Map: What Is Technology?

1. Before Reading Module 1

1.1. Medical Advancements

1.1.1. CT Machines

1.1.2. Heart Monitors

1.1.3. Surgical Benefits

1.2. Personal Electronics

1.2.1. Cell Phones

1.2.2. Computers

1.2.3. Tablets

1.2.4. Automobiles

1.3. Econimcal Advancements

1.3.1. Digital Currency

1.3.2. Online based Investments

1.3.3. Eviornmental Sustainability

2. Reference List

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3. After Reading the Module

3.1. Technology doesnt have to be physical, an advacement in technology can also include the way we as humans process the amount of information that we receive (K-12 Science, 2022)

3.1.1. How humans have processes technology has drastically changed over decades of evolution. We have become smarter in what materials are essential and bennefical, how those materials can be used on a seconary basis (recycling) and how we can elimate major negative impacts surrounding key materials

3.2. Technology in Education has evolved drastically. From the discovery of paper in China year 105, toward the audio-visual age starting in 1920s educational technology has come leaps and miles (SMARTEduEMEA, 2011)

3.2.1. This can be amplified by simply viewing the differnce of education from present vs just a few years ago ~2010 Now most students work on computers or ipads. Writing notes digitially and submitting work digitally as well Moving backwards in time, students used to be required to have pen and paper in class. Notes were hand written, and all assingments and tests were done in person having to be completed during that time.

3.3. Technology shouldnt be limited to physical advacements in technology or equipment (Li-Hua, 2007)

3.3.1. For most, technology is a physical advancements, a new computer or new cell phone. This isnt always the case. Present day shows us the biggest advancement in teechnology we have seen in decades; the mining process for lithium batteries. This has become much more sustainable in the past decade creating less pollution, and allowing the mines to be closed and rejuvinated (Graham, 2021)