The stages for the initiation of a descriptive investigation

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The stages for the initiation of a descriptive investigation by Mind Map: The stages for the initiation of a descriptive investigation

1. planning or preparation

1.1. Indentification of the variables

1.1.1. Determinig the objetives Accuracy of the data or information required Identification and evaluation of information sources

1.2. Foundations and understanding of study

1.2.1. Determining the scope of research Preparation of the plan to implement the research Information and training of the working group

2. Data collection

2.1. The moment of the researcher’s contact with the objects or elements under study

2.1.1. Collection methods are diverse and depend on the possibility of access Depends on the size of the population or sample, the opportunity to obtain data Of the budget and the demands of time

2.2. Requirements for the collection of data

2.2.1. Must have: validity, reliability and objectivity.

2.3. Data collection techniques

2.3.1. Primary sources: direct observation, experiments, surveys, interviews, questionnaires, test, photography, focus groups Secondary sources: library (books, magazines),documents (proceedings, letters, films, newspapers)statistical data, censuses and records

3. Data organization and representation

3.1. Occurs to the organization, classification and tabulation

3.1.1. An assessment, criticism, correction and adjustment of the data must be made The results and conclusions depend on the purpose of the data used After the corrections are made the data grouping and procedure occurs

4. Data analysis and identification

4.1. Mathematical and theoretical arguments of statistics are applied

4.1.1. Indicators and summary measures are calculated, relationships are established between variants The interpretation of data and results Are made within the context of research objectives

5. Information on findings and report preparation

5.1. The fulfillment of the objectives must be analyzed

5.1.1. This recruitment does not allow for a summary of substantive aspects Then in the form of conclusions and suggestions For up-to-date, timely and novel decisions and suggestions