Sales Funnel - Prospects

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Sales Funnel - Prospects by Mind Map: Sales Funnel - Prospects

1. Step 1

1.1. Find Companies

1.1.1. Source TikTok Shopify Collabs Things Testing Amazon Small Business Twitter

1.1.2. How To 1. Paste URL into Slack channel #Sales-Discovery 2. Open Google Sheets to see URLs 3. Find company names using 4. Once company has been found, Save them to a custom list on

2. Step 2

2.1. Find Prospects

2.1.1. How To 1. Open your saved company list on 2. Select all companies and click 'find people' 3. Navigate filters panel and open 'Job Titles' 4. Open Management level and include the following: Owner, Founder, C-suite, Director, Manager, VP, Senior 5. Open Department and include the following: Marketing 6. Open Advanced Filters and exclude the following: Email, Data, Communications, Planner + any other non-related roles to Influencer/ Marketing 7. Export condensed leads as CSV

3. Step 3

3.1. Contact Prospects

3.1.1. How To 1. Import Prospects CSV into Google sheets 2. Add Personalisation column. Only include Keywords in this Column. i.e. Title of an article. 3. Once completed, Export prospects as CSV 4. Import Prospects into Lemlist and enroll into Email sequence. 5. Separate sequences for Tiktok and non-TikTok