Mobile Troubleshooter

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Mobile Troubleshooter by Mind Map: Mobile Troubleshooter

1. What do you want to do?

1.1. Fix an Issue

1.1.1. Police Mobile There is an error when I try to login There is an Authentication Service error It says my Account is locked out Unknown error I want to start Mobile but it says it's already running Will kill the mobile process then restart the client How do I change my password? Collect Logs to send to NORCOM I want to redownload the latest version Will blow out the updater folders and restart the updater service, does not uninstall anything. Maintenance tasks Log files older than 2 months will be zipped up and stay in the mobile folder. Back

1.1.2. SECTOR It says there is a configuration error Will blow out the correct directory and then re-launch SECTOR I want to back up my SECTOR database Will grab the mdf file and put it on the desktop

1.1.3. Printer My printer won't print at all Have specific cases for specific types of printers The settings aren't correct Display a screenshot of what the settings should be and walk the user through it

1.1.4. Network Netmotion is not connected

1.1.5. MISC

1.1.6. Back

1.2. Launch a Program

1.2.1. Police Mobile

1.2.2. SECTOR

1.2.3. MS Word

1.2.4. MS Excel

1.2.5. NOTIS

1.2.6. KPD Webmail