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Computing Systems by Mind Map: Computing Systems

1. steps for writing a program

1.1. STEP 1:The computer scientist makes a list of step-by-step instructions for what she wants her program to do. STEP 2: The computer scientist translates her instructions into code

2. Data

2.1. Raw, unorganized facts

3. Analysis

3.1. organizing, describing, and understanding data

4. Network

4.1. Are a group of connected devices

5. Internet

5.1. Is the worldwide network that connects millions of computers.

6. computer

6.1. Is a device that stores and processes information.

7. computer scientist

7.1. Is a type of problem solving; it includes the study of computers, their design, and the way they process information.

8. computer science and what is not

8.1. Computer science is give the good use for each app & what computers science is not is the opposite (give the bad use)

9. computing system

9.1. Are the machines that run programs and process information.

10. algorithms and programming

10.1. An algorithms is a set of instructions that has been translated into commands a computer and programming is the same but is written in human language that tells a person