Researching an Org

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Researching an Org by Mind Map: Researching an Org

1. Company Overview

1.1. Who Are they

1.2. What do they do

1.3. Do they do it well

2. Financial Stability

2.1. Last 5 Years Revenue figures

2.2. Increase in profit

2.3. Percentage revenue growth YoY

3. Products

3.1. What does the complete solution do

3.2. What business problem does it solve

3.3. Is there significant pain for company to pay for the products

4. Target Markets

4.1. What are the stregth verticles

4.2. Which countries have they penetrated

4.3. Can it be sold to emerging markets

5. Clients

5.1. Small

5.2. Medium

5.3. Large