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study guide by Mind Map: study guide

1. Computer scientists have created systems that help farmers produce more food for society. This advancement most closely represents which of the five concept areas of computer science?

1.1. Impacts of computing. While each of the five concept areas of computer science are used to develop better tools for farmers,

2. What is the difference between a consumer and a creator?

2.1. Consumers watch TV, creators write the script. Consumers play the game

3. What is a group of connected computers called?

3.1. The largest computer network in the world in the Internet

4. Computer science is NOT:

4.1. Studying interesting questions like how to make deliveries faster using an algorithm

4.2. Building a computing system as a solution to a problem

4.3. Playing computer games

4.4. Understanding how a new computer technology could negatively impact people

5. Which of these are most likely NOT computing systems?

5.1. Cell phones

5.2. Newer TVs

5.3. Books

6. what is a computer science

6.1. creating a phone app (application or program) that allows friends to share funny cat videos with each other.

7. What is a program, and why do computers need programs?

7.1. gives the computer and user the ability to perform specific tasks.

8. What is a computing system? Provide examples of computing systems.

8.1. only follow the instructions that the user inputs.