Steps for begin a statistical research


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Steps for begin a statistical research by Mind Map: Steps for begin a statistical research

1. Setup

1.1. Could be:

1.1.1. Handbook

1.1.2. Mechanical

1.1.3. Computarizada

2. Analysis and interpretation

2.1. Review of statistical data for decision making

3. Publishing

3.1. Steps presented in a report:

3.1.1. Problem Statement

3.1.2. Objectives research

3.1.3. Hypotheses to be tested

3.1.4. Exposition of the methodology

3.1.5. Detail the most important of the investigation

3.1.6. Results of the graphs and data analysis

3.1.7. Conclusions and recommendations

4. Planning

4.1. What is going to be done and what is sought with the investigation

4.1.1. General features: Investigation objective Goals Information sources Procedures Material Costs and financing

5. Data collection

5.1. Steps:

5.1.1. Material distribution

5.1.2. Own collection

5.1.3. Control of the number of forms collected

5.1.4. Control over the quality of the information collected

5.2. Works as a thermometer: teaches, controls and presents results.

6. Criticism and coding

6.1. Debug and process the information

6.1.1. Sort out primary material Good Can be corrected Disposable